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He's Blonde, he's tan, he comes from Gelderland!

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Love The move, A Knight's Tale?? Well this place is for you.

This community is for A Knights Tale movie-lovers Not too many rules. Just get along. No fighting.

What you CAN do:
-Quote the film
-Tell us your favorite parts.
-Tell us why you like the movie.
-Talk about the good characters and the BEST characters.
-Talk about Characters you *love* to hate (preferably bad guys or their stooges)
-Talk about the other movies the actors have been in (preferably behind an LJ-cut).
-Talk about the characters

For Fans of the Movie. anyone who bashes(flames)the movie here will be banned.

NO quizzes unless they are behind and LJ-cut, or they will be deleted.

New Rule:

No RPG advertising posts. This is not a RPG advertising community. Other communites may allow that. But this one does not. So if you merely joined just to adverise your community, please don't, you may post on anything else here thats related to the movie, including the actors, Accept for that I find them annoying (People who only join to advertise RPG's) and I delete them the second I see them . But please don't think I'm being mean. Other than No A Knights Tale/Actor bashing, thats my only other rule. Please understand if I don't want this community to be cluttered with them. On any other community that may be fine, but we are a much smaller group, and more likly to become quickly cluttered with them. Most other communities get posted to on an almost daily basis, our posts are sporadic and randomly posted.